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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Ziggy Vision 1.0

Hi, I'm Richard Zeigler, muralist, shoe shiner, leather craftsman and furrier, and all around jack of all trades. I live in beautiful downtown Anchorage, Alaska. Last summer I was given an old VHS camera by a friend. I began documenting what life on the streets of Alaska's largest city can be like. Please stay tuned for Ziggyvision, a look at the harsh realities facing people living on the streets.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ziggy,

Nice place you ahve here and interesting.
Found you thru Rod in Australie.
I am one of the Katmai BEAR Krazys.( the crazy waving guy in front your cam with KBK sign )
Come visit us on FaceBook and share your visions!
Spending 2/3 nights in in Anchorage in July and will try and visit your place so I can wave at all the KBK folks.
Going into or coming out of Homer where staying 5-7 days so I can celebrate my birthday at the Salty Dawg Saloon with a lime margarita !
And moola permitting hope to visit Brooks River to see the bears for a day anyway.

Sande of KBK

7:51 AM  

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